[olug] mod_auth_db on redhat

Brian Roberson roberson at bstc.net
Thu Dec 13 02:41:46 UTC 2001

I've never used dbx files for auth, however it sounds as your dbx versions
are wrong ( your perl script versus what apache included ) can you use a -I
option  or a ./configure --option to ensure what version of db you are
using? how about removing the dbx includes/lib rpm's that you do not need
( e.g. only have one dbx rpm version installed, not 3 ) what is the output
of `rpm -qa | grep "^db"` ?

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From: "Adam Haeder" <adamh at omaha.org>
To: <olug at bstc.net>
Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2001 10:27 AM
Subject: [olug] mod_auth_db on redhat
> So it can't even open the db auth file. The 'file' command tells me:
> portfolio: Berkeley DB (Hash, version 7, native byte-order)


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