[olug] LILO is broken? How to make vga=extended work

Neal Rauhauser isptech at americanrelay.com
Sat Dec 1 23:56:55 UTC 2001

 I just built my first RH7.2 box and, I might add, the first linux box
I've allowed in here in about two years.

  In the old days (RH6.2) I would add 'vga=extended' to /etc/lilo.conf,
rerun lilo, and it would automagically set up for 80x43 video. 

  I've followed the procedure and I get a few lines of 80x43 then it
reverts to 80x25 - most annoying. Can someone reveal the magic required
to make this change stick? Or how can I switch to 80x43 from the command

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