[olug] Patching the kernel

Don Kauffman dkauffman at tconl.com
Sat Dec 1 18:50:28 UTC 2001

I tried to compile the Redhat Linux kernel (2,4,7) for nat support  but
found out that I didn't have native ext3fs support. Apparently it has to
be patched into the kernel. Now I am having a problem patching ext3fs.
There's no real good documentation on patching except for the man page.
Is there a later kernel that is already patched with ext3fs support? Or
does some one know of a good source for this documentation?

Here's where I've looked.
Linux Kernel  Howto. Has soime documentation on patching. but it's kinda
Did a Google on ext3fs  AND Kernel 2.4.7. This brought back some useful
stuff but again the howto's were fairly skimpy. I think it assumes a
greater level of knowledge than I possess at this point.

Scanned the documentation on the Redhat CD. It's surprising that there's
nothing much on it about ext3fs support.

If any one has any ideas about documentation on patching or Source with
ext3fs support already in it, please let me know.  The latter is

Thanks for the help!

Don Kauffman
Email: mailto:dkauffman at tconl.com


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