[olug] Web Mail Info, Mail questions and DVD drive Questions

Mike Peterson mikejack at ix.netcom.com
Fri Aug 31 13:20:23 UTC 2001


I am trying out Squirrelmail. http://www.squirrelmail.org/
It seems to be a very usable package.
It runs with Apache, Perl, PHP, and IMAP.
It is much easier to setup than IMP/Horde. I still don't have that running.
IMP/Horde is built-in to e-smith. http://www.e-smith.org
However, qmail I am not familiar with.
I plan to setup SUSE 7.1 or Redhat 7.1 and run squirrelmail for Web mail.


I had my ISP setup a domain called mail.domain.com to point to a real IP
The problem is that all my mail for domain.com now is sent to this IP
address and not it's real IP address.
domain.com runs Redhat 6.2 and sendmail.
mail.domain.com runs e-smith which is based on Redhat 7.0 and has qmail.
I plan to replace the e-smith as noted above.
Has anyone done mail forwarding or relaying between two Linux boxes on the
same domain but different IP's in the group?

I have Linux DVD's ( SUSE ) and one Microsoft (the competition) DVD.
What manufactures of DVD drives have group members had good luck with
running on Linux and or Microsoft OS products?
What is a good price to pay for a DVD drive?
Is the one that DIT sells good?
Or should I look to the Internet at CDW, Insight, Global or others?


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