[olug] eth0 again

Tom huber28 at home.com
Fri Aug 31 00:05:53 UTC 2001

Ok a couple days back I asked about this and got a bunch of responses I have tried everything even moved card but nada.
Here is what I have and what I get.  It is a EtherEZ SMC-8416T ISA card.  The how to says yes it is supported as SMC-ULTRA and they recommend disabling the PNP in bios for that IRQ.  So I booted in the dos mode and ran the SMC utility to get the I/O and irq and made appropriate changes.  I rebooted and it said getting etho delaying init of eth0 then fails.
I added the info to the modules.conf and restarted same thing I went in and added it with netconfig now system locks up on boot.  It does not delay eth0 but just stops there.  I pulled out the sound card and modem on the chance it was a conflict that I was not seeing as when I changed it one time the sound card crashed too.  Oh well ANY ideas or where would be a good place to start over from.  How can I get by where it stops on boot other than reloading linux (which I am getting tired of doing).

Thanks Tom
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