[olug] Progeny is a virus . . . . . ?!?

Hungate Jim Hungate_Jim at prc.com
Wed Aug 29 13:56:37 UTC 2001

  I've tried several Linux disros on  my system. The latest has been
Mandrake 8.0. Last night I decided to try Progeny (One of the guys here at
work is a big Debian fan). When the install reached the point where I was
going to set up partitions, I received an error message stating that the
install couldn't find my partition table and asking if I would like to
create a new one. I obviously said no, cancelled the install, and rebooted
the system. Unfortunately, now my partition table WAS gone. (Good thing that
I backup my system regularly). I used fdisk to recreate all of my parttions,
formatted the partitions and attempted the install again and got the same
results. Once again my partition table is gone.
  I've never seen anything like this. I attempted on an older system too,
and got the same results.
  Has anyone else run across a problem like this?


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