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Mon Aug 27 17:08:20 UTC 2001

Thanks for the rundown.  Actually I lucked out (I decided to order before I
talked myself out of it).  I orded a card based on the nVidia TNT chipset
with 32mb of RAM for only $39.  It's an off brand, but according to the RH
HCL the chipset is supported.

I didn't realize S3 had folded although I guess it shouldn't surprise me.
Diamond used to use the S3 chips and frankly I had more headaches with
Diamond cards than any other.

Total order was $322 and a case will run me about $37, so for a mere $360
I'm going to have a new computer that won't be so slow I about have to
shave between screen refreshes.


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Glad you asked.  here is the run down.
the 29 is usually to get hardware based on s3 or old ati boards.  Frankly
these cards were designed as much as 5 years or more ago.  A card based on
radeon or geforce chipsets are less than a year old.  the difference
between the budget and high end cards is usually less than 25% in
performance.  OK so the price difference is 21 dollors.  Here is what I
think you will get for that 21 dollars
1. driver support ( either open or closed source for geforce 2 mx 400  for
linux and good closed drivers for all versions of windows).
2. agp bus ( I really don't think it is a big deal but anyway)
3. play latest games for next 2-3 years ( I know this isn't a big deal to
you but hey it is true)
4. companies still in business so drivers / support will exist ( S3 has
folded )
5. the new geforce is extremly low power consumption.
6. you will get 32mb of vid memory.  You can support just about every
resolution / bit depth with that.

-Jon W


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