[olug] Web Servers

Mike Peterson mpeterson at charles.coxatwork.com
Mon Aug 27 02:56:26 UTC 2001

What is the biggest size IDE drive anyone has run in a Linux Web Server?
Has anyone run Software RAID on Linux?

Is there a trick to getting the 2.4 (kernel) networking to work when you are
testing different PCI NIC cards?
With Redhat 7.1, Conectiva 7, and Mandrake 8.1 Beta it locks on eth0
I boot into single user and adjust the
/etc/modules/conf and
I reboot into multi-user and it locks on eth0.
If I boot without any NIC cards it boots fine.
The NIC cards are Realtek 8029 and
Netgear FA-710TX
They don't work with Win 2000 Pro. It locks up also.

The Netgear works fine in SCO and
The 8029 worked fine with Win NT 4.0 Server.
They both work fine with Coyote Linux 1.30 (2.2.19 kernel) and
Smoothwall 0.9.9 beta (2.2.19 kernel).


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