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Brian Roberson brian at bstc.net
Sun Aug 26 03:53:40 UTC 2001

I am starting to see alot of these type of "demands" however not alot of
members are standing up to help out on them, Neither myself nor Adam or
anyone else for that matter, can be/do everything to/for everyone, that is
why it is a group effort. If we started offering to pay ( either in cash or
other means ) presenters, then you can demand these type of services,
otherwise please understand that sometimes not every aspect ( being
talk/slides/documentation/links/other ) will always be available to the
group. I am very willing to talk on just about anything, but do not have the
time to document the process.

( Just my $0.02 )

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> If it includes a webmail interface or not, I would like to see detailed
> notes posted to the olug site about the topic after the meeting also.
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> I have been interested in setting up an email server.  Wondering if there
> could be a presentation on doing so at one of the meetings?
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