[olug] unlocked athlon goodness

kaygee kegaut01 at willy.wsc.edu
Fri Aug 24 16:07:58 UTC 2001

At the meeting last night I asked a question concerning L1 bridges which
didn't get an answer but from what I've read I think they shipped me an
unlocked AXIA T-bird.  Which apparently isn't as uncommon as you might

Anyway, I said I'd post my O/C results to the list so I will. The FSB
would do 155Mhz (up from 133Mhz) and the core would do 1460Mhz (up from
1200Mhz), but they wouldn't do it together and weren't totally stable
(some drive read errors).  It has been totally stable at 144Mhz FSB and
1440 core (10x multiplier), so that's what I'm running it at right now.

It hasn't choked yet on 7 hrs of continuous kernel compile loops combined
with Q3A demo001 loops so I'd say it's pretty stable.

Bottom line, yes virginia, there is a santa claus, and he delivers via

There's ease of use and then there's ease of usefulness.
Choose usefulness. Choose Linux.


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