Daniel Pfile pfiled at marietta.edu
Thu Aug 23 04:01:33 UTC 2001

 > In fact I am wondering if my having an old cable modem could be related
> to the fact that my port 80 is not blocked.  Does anyone know any more
> about this idea?

That's a good question, I have an old-as-dirt cable modem, and I'm not
blocked yet. Everybody I know who is blocked has a newer one...

I don't know why cox doesn't just block infected people. If you've gone THIS
long, weeks now, without having heard about code red, you have no business
running a server. Maybe it's time we require something like an internet
drivers license :) That would never work, but what about an isp equivelent.
Block incomming ports by default, and you have to ask to have them turned
on, but get them revoked if your computer is used in an attack, or a pawn in
a worm. I'd like ports 21, 22, 25, 80 and 443 please.

I'm lucky enough that my home server is just for experemental stuff, and
anything of any value is outside of @home's network., but this has to suck
for anybody who ran a modest server for years and had it cut off instantly.
I doubt they'd even accept you paying an extra $5 a month to run a server. I
guess corperations suck...

-- Daniel

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