[olug] What distro next?

Jeff Hinrichs jlh at home.com
Mon Aug 20 04:44:30 UTC 2001

I just set up a Linux based server for a small area company.  It hosts their
web site (built with Apache/PHP/MySQL/OpenSSL) and their email
(Sendmail/WU-Imap/SquirrelMail).  Most of it went pretty smoothly,
especially the web stuff using RH 7.1 but when I got to the email, I had a
heck of a time.  Outside of RH's sendmail.cf now including a default binding
to only, by default, to not being able to get Cyrus-imap to
install properly.  Cyrus switched at version 2 from TCL to perl and there
are problems with the default locations of perl on RH. I don't have enough
perl experience to work around the problem so I ended up going with WU-Imap.
Luckily this is a small company with only a few users so the mbox format
mail won't/shouldn't be a problem for them.

Anyway, I realized I was having to work around how RH has things setup to
run these server apps.

So, I believe, it's time for me to start expanding my horizons.  I've had
experience with RH 5.2,7.0,7.1 and a couple Mandrake versions.  Server based
installations are my current interest.  If I'm interested in
trying/experimenting with Samba, OpenLDAP, Mail servers (maildir based
systems as opposed to mbox) what distro would make the most sense for me to
try next.

I'm not trying to start a Distro War, I am looking for advice from people
who have supported Linux based servers in corporate environments.  I don't
have an personal preference it just seems as though the maintainers for
different server based software have problems with the way RH sets up its
file system and where it places things.  So I'm wondering if learning/moving
to another distro might make my left easier in this respect.


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