[olug] Has @home shut down mail/http ?

ktb x.y.f at home.com
Thu Aug 9 13:52:06 UTC 2001

I can't access my web server or mail server at home.  I know @home had
threatened to shut down our web servers due to redworm.  Maybe this has
finally happened.  This isn't a DNS issue because I can't get in even using
an IP.

I have a script running that checks my logs for redworm hits each hour.  It
shows at 5:00 a.m. no redworm hits recorded.  I just stopped receiving mail
on my server about 1 to 2 hours ago as far as I can tell.

Anyone else noticed this?  This is really going to suck if this is a
permanent thing.  It sucks if it is temporary.  On top of all this I noticed
my @home bill went up $5.00 this month.

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