[olug] Don't drop Linux yet, hear me out...

Mark Ericksen mnmfactory at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 16 02:29:14 UTC 2001

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>never mind guys. since we last talked i have went back to windows where i
>feel safe because i know it. i do however have several distros of linux. i
>have caldera,mandrake,debian,and conectiva. they are all the latest version
>seeing that i downloaded them all over the past few weeks. i would like to
>give them to the group to add to the on hand supply at the meetings.
>somebody let me know where to mail them and i will send them. thanks for 
>your help. i dont think i'm ready for linux yet.

Noooo!! You can do it! Just leave it as a duel boot for the moment. I 
recommend Mandrake 8.0. It has a simple firewall script that you can run 
through the Mandrake Control Center under security. I'd like to demo Kylix 
Open Edition (free as in beer) and you can play around with that for easier 
Linux development.

Just think, how did you get familiar with DOS/Windows? Time and use. I 
remember calling my dad from a friends house to ask how to copy a file from 
a hard drive to a floppy disk (using DOS). It just takes a little time. 
Don't worry that it seems 'big' or daunting, if you need config help, 
consider bringing in your machine to an OLUG meeting and people can walk you 
through some simple things to get you comfy.

I understand the discomfort of working with something new and unfamiliar. 
But just remember that everything is new and unfamiliar the when you first 
start. I wouldn't recommend a full-out switch from Win to Linux for you, but 
a duel boot will suit you nicely.

Consider it. Give it some time. Let others help you out where possible.

-Mark E.

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