[olug] Password protected files

John Williams jw43405 at navix.net
Mon Aug 13 03:48:55 UTC 2001

Well, I am sad to say I have a rather sad story and am wondering if someone
might be able to help.  I apologize, this is microsoft issue I have but I
wouldn't feel right if I didn't ask.
I have a cousin who is married and has two children and just after the
second child they found she had a brain tumor.  Up until that point she was
writing a book and had save the documents in a password protected Word 97
file.  She underwent surgery and has lost much of her memory.  She knows
that she had been writing a book but cannot remember the password.  She has
asked me for help in trying to recover the documents and I am at a loss.  I
have checked Microsoft Knowledge Base and they say that there is third party
software out there that MAY be able to recover the file but they can not
disclose who makes it or what it is.  If anyone knows of this software or
can help me I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks for your time.

John Williams

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