[olug] olug list is ignoring me

Jeff Hinrichs jlh at home.com
Sat Aug 11 18:30:01 UTC 2001

I don't believe it has to do with @home being blacklisted.  (I'm
sending/reading from my @home account)
I'm using 'mail.omhan1.ne.home.com' as my mail server.  So if your on the
same then I can attest to it working, since your reading this.


From: "Phil Brutsche" <phil at giedi.obix.com>
> You need to ask Brian.  If he does blacklist @home he needs to setup qmail
> to send a nice message saying "you're blacklisted, go away" or something
> like that.

> Are you sure it's not just the @home mail servers being total dorks?

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