[olug] Anyone interested in a Kylix demonstration?

Mark Ericksen mnmfactory at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 6 19:41:18 UTC 2001

Hello all,

I am trying to determine if anyone would have an interest in having a 
Borland Kylix demonstration/instruction. Kylix is a RAD tool to develop 
Linux native executables. (Link: http://www.borland.com/kylix)

I am a Delphi developer by profession with a Linux interest. Kylix is a tool 
that, when coupled with Delphi 6, allows you can easily create 
cross-platform applications (Windows/Linux x86 architecture only). There is 
a free version of Kylix that is downloadable. I want to know if there is 
enough interest in it to give a demonstration/instruction.

I would be willing to provide a presentation for this purpose if it is 


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