[olug] cd-rom drive

Hungate Jim Hungate_Jim at prc.com
Wed Aug 1 14:35:29 UTC 2001

I recently had the cd-rom drive die in my system. I pulled one out of an old
486 that was laying around (Pioneer 24x ATAPI). Now I've put a new hard
drive in my system. I loaded Win 98 and Partition Magic fine. Now that I'm
ready to reload Linux, it doesn't seem to like my cd-rom drive. I can boot
from the Mandrake 8 CD, but when it tries to read the CD, it takes forever.
I eventually made it to the point where it was searching for packages to
install, but after waiting over an hour the list to come up, I gave up and
rebooted the system. I tried a couple of other distros that I have lying
around too, and got the same results. Any suggestions, other than the
obvious one of a new cd-rom drive?

Jim Hungate 
Security-wise, NT is a server with a "Kick me" sign taped to it.  -- Peter


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