[olug] Update To Booth-Sitters

Adam Haeder adamh at omaha.org
Mon Apr 23 17:25:23 UTC 2001

Jason Ferguson wrote:
> Okay, update to booth-sitters, since Brian cant make it:
> Tuesday, April 24 (10-6): Jay Woods, Adam H.
> Wednesday, April 25 (8-2): Paul McNally (Adam, up to you whether you
> want to cover both days).
> Jason

This schedule works fine for me. I was planning on being their both days
I've got some SAIR flyers I can hand out. I will also make more copies
of the Installfest flyer. Jason, can you send me the original
I will get the names in today for badges. Just go to the registration
counter and tell them your name and who you're with. If they don't have
it for some reason, tell them you're with Adam Haeder from AIM and
they'll make you a badge.

I invite everyone else to come out to Infotec if you have the time. It's
a fun show, lots of companies to talk with and people to meet. The
seminars are also very good.

Note on the Installfest: I can distribute flyers at CompRen and in
Council Bluffs (library for sure, I'm not sure where else?)
I also want to start burning cds. Did we settle on a distro? Or should I
go with the new RH7.1 iso? Let me know because I'll start burning discs

Adam Haeder
Technical Coordinator, AIM Institute
(402) 345-5025 x115
adamh at omaha.org

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