[olug] Flyers for Installfest

Jason Ferguson jferguson3 at home.com
Sun Apr 22 18:56:22 UTC 2001

I need some help spreading the word and getting flyers out for the

The flyer is located at this address:


Unfortunately, the map doesnt come out very well in gif/jpg/png formats
unless I make it bigger, so we'll just have to go with that "as-is". If
anyone wants the original PPT file (yes, I designed it in PowerPoint,
best tool for the job I had available).

I've only hit two places so far: Computers to Go in Bellevue, and the
Bellevue Public Library.  I intend to get some of them up at Offutt this
week. However, I need some at the following places especially:

- UN Omaha (Anyone out at UN-Lincoln want to put some up?)
- Bellevue U
- Various Computer Stores (Adam, can you get them up at Comp
Rennaisance? Im not even gonna ask DIT, they arent the most pleasant
foks around).
- Libraries or other techie places

If you put some up, please reply directly to me so I can keep track of
where the flyers are. Thanks!


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