[olug] Red Hat 7.1

Jon Larsen jlarsen at cas-online.com
Mon Apr 16 15:08:34 UTC 2001

Yes, you all should know by now if you read slashdot.  RH71 ships out on 
April 23rd.  If you need to download, their FTP site has been re-arranged 
over the past few weeks.  So, if you haven't been there in a  while, here 
is the directory and filenames for the ISOs:



I'm sure it'll show up on the major mirror sites soon.  The directory date 
is for the ISOs is 04/15/2001.

Will we include this in the InstallFest?  If so, will we need extras burns 
of the ISOs?  I can make some (once I get 'em).

Jon L.
Jon Larsen
Network Admin, CAS, inc.

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