[olug] About Damn Time

Eric Penne epenne at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 15 14:13:04 UTC 2001

AFter about 2 weeks dicking around with RoadRunner and firewall/router
issues I finally got a firewall to work.

Some floppy based firewalls don't support anything without a math
coprocessor (ie screw the x86SX anything.

I used 4 different network cards and none of them would get a dhcp
lease from RoadRunner until I used the original eepro100 that I had in
my windows machine when the RR guy came to install.  That meant I had
to use an old P75 I had laying around.  I so wanted to use this 486-33
SX I had from gateway but alas no PCI and no coprocessor.

Of course then all sorts of weird things are happening with speed
issues.  Most conect time issues.  I trace that to the RR name server
and when I switch name servers it is all good.  I spent about an hour
trying to get the IPs from the RR DNS and put the ones I use the most
in my /etc/hosts file.

I also fubared my windows side.  I can't get it to boot from the 45GB
hard drive but I can get it to boot from the 20GB hard drive.  I
switched them out exactly on the same ide port from the ata100 card. 
Any ideas on how to get win to boot?  

Maybe if I get win to boot I can go through the RR install and again
with an ISA net card and then I can save my eepro100 for my faster
internal network.

Nevertheless I got good speeds going through my p75 firewall/router
with an eepro100 external interface and Maxtech ne2000 ISA internal
interface. I used normr's floppy based router/firewall and it was very
easy to setup.

Eric Penne

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