[olug] Linux for S/390/z900

Jon Larsen jlarsen at cas-online.com
Wed Apr 11 14:17:58 UTC 2001

Last week I attended a seminar dealing with an overview of IBM's strategy 
for Linux running on the S/390 and z900 series mainframes.  The presenter 
was Steven Logreira out of the Minneapolis office.  He gave me his card 
when I mentioned OLUG, and said that they do presentations for linux users 
groups.  I'm sure if enough people were interested in such a presentation, 
that something could be put together.

Here is the way I look at it - if enough new people come to the installfest 
and next couple meetings via Infotec, there might be enough interest to 
catch IBM's eye and have them stop by for a little bit on a meeting night 
in the future.

Is anyone interested in a Linux for S/390 presentation?
Jon L.
Jon Larsen
Network Admin, CAS, inc.

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