[olug] pppd is pissing me off

Adam Lassek alassek at techie.com
Thu Apr 5 21:14:52 UTC 2001

Well, since I was still running a k6/2 400 I decided it was time to upgrade.
I replaced my mainboard with an asus a7v and an Athlon 900. Unfortunately,
the a7v does not have an isa bus, and my modem just happens to be isa. So, I
also bought a hardware-controlled pci modem from us robotics that
specifically claims linux compatibility. It only works with kenerel 2.4 and
up, though, so I then had to upgrade my kernel before it would work. I
finally got a working 2.4.3 install last night. Now, when I dial into my ISP
(using wvdial) it handshakes, connects, and then starts pppd--which promptly
fails (error code 1). I tried upgrading pppd with no luck and I know that I
compiled ppp support into the kernel. Can anybody tell me what could cause a
problem like this?

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