[olug] Installfest!!!!

Trevor Taylor ttaylor at techie.com
Mon Apr 2 20:01:54 UTC 2001

>>Date: Saturday, April 22, beginning at noon (setup beginning at 10).
>>Location: Clarkson College Lab (same as our regular meeting place)

So, is it Saturday the 21st, or Sunday April 22nd? 

>>We'll also need to start burning CD's for newcomers. I'll put more info
>>out on that later.

I've got a copy of SuSe 7.1 personal (Very good for new linux users. In fact, I'm toying with the idea of moving my parents to it so that I don't have to support Winblow$ anymore :) ) if anyone want's me to burn a copy. Also I can do requests on distros (2 T1's and a 16x burner at work are FUN).

Also, I'm looking to pick up Perl and tcl/tk any good books you would recommend?

Trevor Taylor

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