[olug] multiple OS's On 2 disks

not me tbrownarcher at home.com
Tue Nov 28 16:31:57 UTC 2000

I have a 4 gig with win 98 on it (hda) and another 30 gig drive with
redhat 7 and suse on it and i want to put more on it but i cannot get
lilo to boot 3 OS'S.  I can get it to boot windows and redhat or windows
and suse .  but i cannot get it to boot all 3 .... Of course i'm not
trying to get them booted at the same time .  What I want is to have
them all available to me ........ Is there a way to do this?
Yesterday when i hit the tab key I had all 3 but only 2 would boot ...
so I checked the lilo.conf file and found that the one that was supposed
to boot redhat was also pointing to the partition that suse was on so i
changed the hda8 to hda6 where redhat is and it still would not boot
any ideas?

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