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dbw commando at robotz.com
Wed Nov 22 19:52:38 UTC 2000

Rado Bonk (rado at cosmos.unomaha.edu),

The olug web site uses php nuke.  I noticed that you stated "My www 
server support PHP" which suggests to me that you are interested in going
with a php solution.  The actual slash code the other's suggested is perl
and not php.

Here is a php solution that works much like slashdot.org :


Also, I recommend looking at this article on slashcode.org about slash
(the software powering slashdot.org) look-alikes:


I use phpnuke and it works well.  Running slash actually requires what I
call radical or intrusive system changes (for a production machine) so I
have yet to try it.  I need a spare box to try it on, as I do not want to
make so many changes on a production web server.  Php nuke is not nearly
as intrusive on your existing system configuration.  

You will also need an SQL database.


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