[olug] Scripting

Andrew Embury drazak at materiamagica.com
Tue Nov 21 00:49:35 UTC 2000

Oh yea, Credit goes to Brian R for a lot of the ideas. :)

On Mon, 20 Nov 2000, Andrew Embury wrote:

> Thanks for all the help.  I don't need to worry about anyone gaining
> access to the system, since as I mentioned before, these are ftp only
> accounts (all shells are set to /dev/null).  I ended up solving the
> problem by recreating the /etc/passwd file everytime the new users need to
> be added (ignoring UID's under 1000).  I then crypt the passwords using
> perl's built in crypt() function.  After the passwd file is generated,
> theres a nifty little utility called "pwconv" the takes care of the shadow
> file and the passwd file.  The system works perfectly.
> Project done in about 4 hours, boss happy.  Ahh, the power of perl and
> unix.
> Thanks,

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