[olug] adift in a sea of qmail ...

puzzled at home.com puzzled at home.com
Sun Nov 19 10:30:24 UTC 2000

    I've got qmail installed and running but I have some configuration

    I've pointed pensat.net, 6network.com, and 6network.net at the
machine ( and the MX records seem correct.

    I used qmail/control/defaulthost to change the default name to
6network.com but the system continued to send email as
blackbox.pensat.com until I used the hostname command to change the
machine name. This behavior is ok ...  I guess ... but it disagrees with
how the otherwise good documentation says it should work.

    Most of the users on this machine will come from pensat.com but
there are a few accounts in pensat.net that need to send and receive
mail - how do I source a different domain for certain user IDs??
Something in qmail/users?

    I chose ~/Maildir as the delivery location so I could run the pop3
server. The delivery method is chosen by copying the appropriate script
from /var/qmail/boot to /var/qmail/rc.  I can telnet blackbox.pensat.com
110 and I get a login prompt but when I give it a valid userID/pass it
complains like this

bb$ telnet 110
Connected to 6network.com.
Escape character is '^]'.
+OK <60903.974651458 at YOURHOST>
user nealr
pass Skr1ptK1dd13
-ERR unable to scan $HOME/Maildir
Connection closed by foreign host.

   There is a ~/Maildir for my user ID, the ownership is nealr.nealr,
and I've had it passing email by various methods before. I examine
/var/mail/nealr and that is where the messages are ending up. I did kill
the daemon and restart it to make sure changes were read.

   I've left the full configuration at http://blackbox.pensat.com/qmail
if anyone cares to look.

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