[olug] November Meeting

Jason Ferguson jferguson3 at home.com
Sat Nov 11 13:52:36 UTC 2000

Fellow OLUG members,

Unless I have a sudden flood of volunteers to talk at the next meeting,
I'm going to have to call it off.  The reason is, I dont want a bunch of
people driving in from all over for a not-so-great meeting. I can't talk
about all of this stuff myself.

For a normal meeting, I'd still have a week to play with.  However, we
decided that the third tuesday this month was bad due to the
Thanksgiving holiday.  I also want to give the POC at Ascolta at least a
week's notice out of courtesy (I contacted her several days ago saying
we were still coordinating the weekend), the original target date is
this Tuesday.

I probably should have done more to coordinate this, but it's been a
busy week on my part.

Do we want to shoot for second week of December?

OLUG Vice President

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