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Mon Nov 6 21:21:29 UTC 2000

In response to Matt Payne <payne at acm.org> message:

3) Running Oracle on Linux -- how big of a box do you need to do it? 
This is something that I am very interested in.  I have a friend here in
Lincoln that works for a company called Design Associates that has worked
with Oracle on Linux quite a bit.  He originally borrowed my Linux Oracle
cd and successfully got it to install on his box which was running Redhat
6.x and that was more than I was able to do with it.  

1) Java on Linux (15-30 minutes, adjustable length)

I got the Oracle for Linux cd for free from Oracle when they were giving
them away, I do not know if they are still doing this or not.  I would ask
Patrick if he would be willing to appear as a guest speaker to demonstrate
Oracle on linux, but only if there is group interest in this.    Through
his job he also works quite extensively with Java on UNIX / Linux / NT.

As far as things to do at the next OLUG meeting:

Could people bring in their systems that they are having problems getting
something under linux to work, such as xfree86 or whatever?  I am trying
to get x to run on my IBM ThinkPad but I can't get the video to work.  


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