[olug] Re: RH Post Install

dbw commando at robotz.com
Mon Nov 6 21:06:10 UTC 2000

Gregg Staroscik <linuxposse at home.com>,

Yes actually I have had this problem with RH 6.2 on more than one
occasion.  When it is doing its final bit where it actually builds the
scripts for your network adapters and whatever else, it has hung on me.  I
have found a few things that I know actually cause it to do this.

Usually when it happens, your RH install is actually complete for the most
part, but you will notice that the system will not boot (because it didn't
get to install lilo on the MBR).

If you made a bootdisk during install, you will be able to boot from that.
Just manually install lilo and you should be ok.  You may have to complete
the network scripts or whatever yourself manually, but that is no big

One thing I have noticed it hang is when I have multiple NIC's during the
install.  Remove all but one, then install; After the first boot, put in
the rest of the NIC's one at a time to boot and configure each time.


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