[olug] New Idea for Topic

Matt Payne payne at acm.org
Mon Nov 6 19:39:51 UTC 2000

On Sun, 5 Nov 2000, Jason Ferguson wrote:

> Okay, since noone seems interested in the XFree86 topics (else someone
> would volunteer to help), are we interested in other topics? Converting
> to ReiserFS? OLUG organization? Anything????

I'd like to hear about:
	1) SSH tunnelling
	2) Installing and getting PhPNuke.org code (that's what OLUG.org
		runs now).  Can you get it working w/ PHP4 etc?
	3) Running Oracle on Linux -- how big of a box do you need to do it?
	4) Using Palm/Handspring with linux.  Someone mentioned they would
	5) GDB tricks (I'm willing to team with Mark and make a talk for 
	6) Installing/setup/use of vnc (http://www.uk.research.att.com/vnc/)

I'd be willing to talk about
	1) Java on Linux (15-30 minutes, adjustable length)
	2) MySQL (15-30 minutes, adjustable length)
	3) writing CGI programs with Perl (30-90 minutes, adjustable length)
	4) Basic pgp (15 min)
	5) Basic procmail (15-30 min)
	6) Any basic newbie UNIX stuff (15-90 minutes, adjustable length)

--Matt Payne

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