[OLUG] meetings....

Matt Payne payne at acm.org
Mon May 22 10:43:48 UTC 2000

On Sun, 21 May 2000 brian at bstc.net wrote:

> Ok, I see the monthly meeting's have now went down the drain. I have 
> been out of the loop for quite sometime, but I am here to make a 
> difference (tm).....
> The way I see it, our next meeting will be on June 18, The location and 
> focus for June's meeting are TBD... I will be looking for a permanent 
> home for lug's meetings. If you have any idea's for the focus or 
> location, lets hear them!
IMHO the focus of OLUG meetings has always been great!

It's very nice of you to find a location for us.  Thanks!  
See you on June 18th.    
> Brian Roberson
> brian at bstc.net 
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