[OLUG] Position Announcement

Marc Davis mwdib at home.com
Mon May 15 19:56:21 UTC 2000

Computer Hardware Technician II
Support Services
University Library
University of Nebraska at Omaha

Full time hourly.  Salary $20,996/annual ($9.80/hr) with 3% increase
after July 1.

Duties:  Do basic hardware and software troubleshooting and repair for
personal computers and peripherals.  Construct, configure, and install
personal computers for staff and public use.  Maintain hardware/software
inventory database.  Maintain stock of repair parts and equipment. 
Perform routine network maintenance, monitoring and administrative tasks
under the supervision of the Network Administrator.  Participate in
planning and daily activities of the Network Services work unit.  May
provide functional supervision for one or more student workers.  Other
duties as assigned.

Hours:  To be negotiated.  Initial training period (through December
2000), Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Full benefits including Employee Scholarship Program.

	Required:  High school diploma.  One two two years of practical work
experience or technical coursework in computer hardware and/or software
configuration, installation and maintenance.  Valid driver's license.
	Desired:  Some basic knowledge of networking.  Demonstrated ability to
work independently, following written or verbal instructions.  Customer
service experience or training.

Position reports to: Network Administrator, Network Services / Support
Hiring authority: Support Services Manager

The UNO Library is the largest academic library in the metropolitan
area.  The Library network is comprised of Linux servers supporting
Windows 95/98 on most clients.  Relaxed, geek-friendly work environment
supporting personal and professional training, certification, and
development activities.  Opportunity to work closely with an RHCE and
become involved in numerous innovative projects and activities in
addition to regular duties.

Please apply at:
                        Personnel Services (402) 554-2321
                        Eppley Administration Building
                        University of Nebraska
                        60th and Dodge Street
                        Omaha, NE 68182

Marc Davis
	mwdib at home.com			[general]
	davis at maxX.latesky.net		[personal]
	davis at revelation.unomaha.edu	[work]

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