[OLUG] Firewall Help

Drazak drazak at omega.moongate.net
Sun May 14 18:47:42 UTC 2000

Did you bother to read the man pages?

         -l, --log Turn on kernel logging of matching packets.  When this
option is set for a rule, the Linux kernel will print some information of
all matching packets (like most IP header fields) via printk().

I'd start by removing the -l line from your ruleset.


On Sun, 14 May 2000, Good. Root. What is difference? wrote:

> Okay, I finally got a decent firewall running, ip masqing and some
> protective measures.  However, now my /var/log/messages is growing by
> the second... every few minutes or so, I get this line:
> May 14 13:31:00 cx114367-a kernel: Packet log: input REJECT eth1
> PROTO=17 L=71 S=0x00 I=37387 F=0x0000
> T=128 (#5)
> Obviously, Id like to minimize the stuff in my log.
> I've attached my rc.firewall, which I pretty much ripped from the
> Stronger IP rulesets section of the masquerading HOWTO. Any help would
> be appreciated.
> Jason

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