[OLUG] Prodigy of Python

Paul T. McNally nally at radiks.net
Sun Feb 27 21:29:24 UTC 2000

Chris Garrity wrote:

>         My Python's name was Oscar ("Oscar the Grouch"), a Royal Python.  I fed
> him gerbils, but he much preferred Rats, especially "Rat-Bastards".
>         Please do include me on the list.

 You are included.

Did you really have a Python?

Frank the Crank was a beautiful Burmese Python.
He liked me cuz I let him bath in the warm water
of one of our sinks. He loved to wrap around my waste
and hang out. Maybe he thought he was a belt.

Whenever I would go to pick him up from his aquarium he
would hiss like crazy, like he was going to fo something....
He was actually pretty friendly. It always seemed he
was more intelligent than you would think a reptile
would be.

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