brian at bstc.net brian at bstc.net
Sun Feb 27 10:55:29 UTC 2000

I have found the next wave for linux integration in the office 
environment....... HP openmail..... It just rocks, MS outlook MAPI 
support.... outlook calendars work... X.400 address schema, ldap based 
directory. built-in imap/pop3 daemons...... ITS EXCHANGE FOR LINUX!!!!! 
Not very many new applications get me to shout, but I must say.. this 
one did, I kind of just stumbled onto it as well.. wasn't even looking. 
I have started digging around, trying to get source and more info, what 
I would like to see is this teamed up with samba, basically taking OVER 
the office... last thing to conquer is to unify logins.. *nix,email 
etc... can be done.... man I am stoked! it even relies on sendmail for 
smtp reliability..... man oh man!


Brian Roberson
brian at bstc.net

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