[OLUG] pppd

mesc mesc at radiks.net
Fri Feb 25 14:30:50 UTC 2000

I gave up on installing RH 6.1 from my  HD because of insufficent disk space,I'll just have to wait until payday to buy the disk.
    In the  meantime I'm still trying to get my ppp working again.Here's a few lines from my /var/log/messages.
ifup-ppp:pppd started for ppp0 on /dev/modem at 115000
pppd [1427]:pppd 2.3.5 started by root,uid 0
pppd [1427]:tcgetattr: Input/output error (5)
    I also read /etc/ppp/connect-errors and that said /etc/ppp/ppp-on-dialer: permission denied,I checked the permissions on that and they were rwx--x--x and I am root when trying all this.
    Any ideas on what to try next would be appreciated because the documentation is no help.

            Thankyou in advance,Gary Martin

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