[OLUG] Hosed my system/fdisk can't read disk drive now.

ktb xyf at inetnebr.com
Thu Feb 24 16:18:05 UTC 2000

I've sent this message to the Debian list but haven't received a reply
that is helping at this point.  I know there are at least one person on
both lists so I apologize for the cross post.  Just though someone on
this list might be able to help.

I've pulled a real bone head deal it seems.  I decided to patition the
HD on my new system so that I could put both Windows 98 and Slink on
it.  I tried using fdisk under "dos" but it wouldn't let me delete the
current partition so I used the Slink installation disk and cfdisk to
partition my HD.  I cut the disk in half and added one partition "Win95
FAT32 (LBA)" which was what it was before except that it took up the
whole disk.  I marked it as bootable.  I then attempted to install W98
and got the message "no HD found."  I went into the bios setup and the
disk can't be detected.  I switched it to "auto" but no improvement.  I
used the Slink installation cd again and found  I get the message "FATAL
ERROR: Cannot read disk drive Press any key to exit fdisk."  I have no
installation disks for this HD.  It is the HD that came with the
system.  What the heck do I do now?

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