[OLUG] DAT drives available

puzzled puzzled at home.com
Fri Feb 18 05:40:01 UTC 2000

   I have two DAT drives that I've retired. One is a Wangtek 3200 (2.0
gig/90 meter) and the other is an HP Surestore 6000 (4.0 gig/120
meter).  The Wangtek has pretty low miles - maybe 20 - 30 backups in its
life. I've used the HP about a dozen times and it wasn't that old when I
got it but I am not familiar with how much it got used the first year of
its life.

   I am feeling awfully poor and I'll entertain offers for them. Sorry
for the semi-commercial spam but I'd rather see someone here get use of
them before they go on ebay or something.

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