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Phil Brutsche pbrutsch at creighton.edu
Tue Feb 15 23:10:52 UTC 2000

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way, someone said...

> Im in the process of taking 8 different companies web sites(all hosted at
> different ISP's)  and moving them to a single server(mine).  Im trying to
> decide if it would be better to assign all 8 different companies (all with
> different .com addresses, Ill control the DNS) to the same IP and then use
> host headers to determine which virtual site the incoming traffic is
> destined for, or if all 8 sites should have their own IP address.  The
> reason I ask is that I am running low on IP addresses.
> I know certain older browsers dont support host headers, but I dont have a
> clue which ones or what percentage of traffic that would be.  What would
> be the recommendation of those who have dealt with this scenario before?  
> I dont mind using 8 extra IP's if it will be easier or avoid problems.

I would say to use the virtual hosting with 1 IP# - IMO that would make
things much easier (administration-wise).  It's true that older web
browsers won't be able to work with that, but there are ways of fixing
that (try visiting www.kernelnotes.org with Netscape 2.0 for an example),
but it's also true that people with Netscape 2.0 are in the vast minority.  
>From my own experience with being a webmaster, everyone uses a 4.x
generation browser or newer - it took 3 months to come across someone
using a 3.x broswer.

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