[OLUG] SCSI Bus Resets

Jason Ferguson jferguson3 at home.com
Tue Feb 1 00:03:13 UTC 2000

Dave Burchell wrote:

> Jason Ferguson says:
> > A little more info... this is getting weirder and weirder.
> > These problems appeared when I was trying to network and masquerade my Windows
> > 98 machine (gotta have my games and I dont like star office!). As soon as it
> > appeared that the Win box (Torg) was on the network and load a web page, the
> > Linux box (Riff) would start its SCSI resets. So I yanked out the SCSI card...
> > only to have the IDE bus start resetting!!!  I can't find anything like this
> > problem posted on deja.com, which is my main repository for solving problems.
> How long had Riff been running without problems before the SCSI resets
> started?  Was it running Linux?
> > I mean, I know that the SCSI bus and the network are totally separate, but
> > since this all started happening at the same time... plus my sound is acting
> > screwy...
> Troubleshooting is a lot of work.  Have you thought about starting fresh
> with a new computer? :-)
> > Might just be reinstall time.  I have an ISO of Mandrake 7 to play with...
> It is always reinstall time.
> > Jason

Heh, I just built Riff (the latest incarnation) about 2 months ago... BP6 based
dual celeron, 192MB RAM, etc, etc. And Im not hooking anything into PCI slot 3, the
"evil" slot on the BP6.

Riff had been working fine for quite awhile... until I tried to hook his
counterpart, Torg, up in a local network about 4 days ago.  Then the bus resets
started.... then yesterday the sound died...

Yup, just might be time to play with Mandrake (I'd love to try Debian, but is it
even 2.2 based yet?).

I dunno what I screwed up... two totally separate things start going nuts... oh


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