[olug] potato post-install question

Vincent vraffensberger at home.com
Sat Aug 26 20:09:46 UTC 2000

> I'll join the list for a while.  Thanks Phil.  After running pmfirewall
> start & masqstart I was able to connect with ncftp to remote ftp servers
> but unable to ping.  So the ping is probably being caught by ipchains

This may apply to your distro as well.  There is a bug in the GNU ping
utility that shipped with redhat 6.2.  The bug is that even if you were
pinging an ip address, rather than a name, ping would try to resolve DNS
on it before executing a ping.  Older versions didn't act this way.  To
people used to the older version, this made it seem like the network
wasn't working properly when the only problem was DNS settings weren't
entered yet.  The work around is to simply use ping -n.

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