[olug] potato post-install question

Mike McNally mmcnally3 at prodigy.net
Sat Aug 26 16:02:59 UTC 2000

I have one tulip card connected to hub -> winbox.  ppp0 dialup access.  

Why was there no /dev/eth[012...] created during my potato install? 
Does this have to do with ipv6 and does sit0 replace eth0?  There also
were no route lines installed... grep -r route * from the etc dir turns
up nothing.  Naturally it doesn't work.  It can't ping across the sit0
tulip card to the winbox.

route -n   U   0   0   0   0   sit0 

after running wvdial & connecting to isp... route -n

assn'd adr   UH   0   0   0   ppp0
[sit0 line from above]   assn'd adr          UG   0   0   0   ppp0

can't ping www.netscape.com either.  So I'm kind of skeptical of that
zero netmask gw line and do a grep -r gw * | grep add      from etc...
not a thing, the setup appears to either come out of freaking nowhere or
at least is not in the etc dir.  I will dig into some docs this weekend
but would greatly appreciate any help.


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