[olug] Gathering this Friday at Yiayia's in Lincoln

Ted Milker tmilker at radiks.net
Sat Aug 26 04:42:57 UTC 2000

Hey all, Friday night was pretty fun.  Oly got trashed, nothing
new there though. ;)

Tonight was the second LUG meeting I'd been to(the first one was
pretty small).  I thought I should probably tell everyone a
little about myself.

I do NT/Unix tech support for a local company called Design Data.
I also work on their website and other web applications for the
company.  When I'm not at work, I'm working mostly on my computer
at home.  I have a strong interest in computer graphics and
development with OpenGL.  My favorite languages to work in are C,
C++ and Python.  My Linux distro of choice at the time is RedHat.
Mostly because I like managing my systems with RPMs, very
convienent.  At some point, I'll probably build a distro from
scratch, for myself.  One that is more like BSDs in the /etc/rc
configuration and the ability to do something like a 'make
world' that downloads the latest system bins/libs and builds RPMs
out of them.

> To make matters worse, for weeks I've been drooling over the
> Compaq iPAQ, the $500 handheld that runs Linux (including X11),
> has 32 MB RAM, plays MP3s, and slips into your breast pocket.

I've been following the Linux CE lists/development for quite some
time.  The iPAQ definately looks like the coolest color handheld
I've seen so far.  I may even pick one up once they come down in
price a little, $500 is a little too expensive for my tastes.

I've got an IBM Workpad z50.  It's a sub-notebook that runs WinCE.
I've got it running Linux now with an IBM MicroDrive and a Lucent
WaveLan/Intel EtherExpress(for all your wired/wireless needs).
All I really need to do is get a working X server working and I'm
all set.  The main reason why I picked it up is because of the
size.  It's got the nice keyboard to type on, but it's small and
very light weight.


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