[olug] Scanning scripts

Eric Penne epenne at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 22 05:06:08 UTC 2000

I have recently gotten my scanner working.  I've used xscanimage and
Xsane to scan some images and have been really happy that i do not need
to go back into windows anymore to scan.

But i did notice that my windows software for the scanner will let me
outline 3 different images on the preview and will automatically scan
these in and save them as .tif files.  In linux i need to scan each
picture individually then save it manually.  I was wondering if there
was any scanning software that would do the auto scan thing in linux. 
It would even be OK if gimp could take the whole preview in and crop
out certain areas and save them.  Is this something that is possible in

You know, I've been playing with linux on and off since 1995.  Yet
tonight when I got my scanner working, I was as happy as I've ever been
in linux.  I don't ever remember having this elation while running
windows.  Everytime I get something new setup, I get even more excited
about Linux.  Well it's past midnight now and maybe my elation can be
attributed to lack of sleep.

Eric Penne

PS Paul M., I did this by myself.  You should come over some time and
I'll show you how to do things by yourself. :)

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