[olug] cox at home setup

Phil Brutsche pbrutsch at creighton.edu
Sun Aug 20 04:56:50 UTC 2000

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way, someone said...

> Phil,
> Thanks for clearing that up.  I'd like to pose another question.  Has
> anyone on the list had any problems with just assigning a static IP to
> your eth0 (outside) interface?  If it works continually using a static IP
> I'll probably not fix what ain't broke, but if people have noticed
> problems with that send an email or speak to me tomorrow at the meeting.
> Thanks for the help.

At work we have Cox, and just statically assign the IP we were given;
we've had no problems for at least the time I've been there; it's been
reported to me that we've had no problems ip number-wise since we got the 
service many moons ago.

Phil Brutsche					pbrutsch at creighton.edu

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