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> A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way, someone said...
> > The cox at home guy dropped the cable modem off this morning and I'm having
> > trouble connecting.  The documentation they gave me is for setting up
> > windows with dhcp.  I'm using redhat 6.2.  Anyway I have a firewall with
> > eth0 to my local network and eth1 to the outside.  The hardware is
> > I've set eth1 with my static ip (xx.xxx.xxx.xxx) and a netmask of
> > the broadcast is set at
> >
> > I went into netconf and selected "other routes to networks" and added
> >  under "network" (that number wasn't given to me, I'm just
> > guessing from the gateway address)  Under "netmask"  I have
> > and the "gateway" is
> You don't need to add the route for - the kernel does that
> for you.
> Ignore netconf and do things the old fashioned way.  Try these commands in
> sequence as root:
> /sbin/ifconfig eth1 down
> /sbin/ifconfig eth1 <your ip number> netmask broadcast
> /sbin/route add default gw dev eth1
> > I have the correct DNS server ip address added.  Anyone know what I'm
> > wrong here?  When I try to ping outside I get "Network is unreachable."
> > can ping my static IP successfully.
> An easier solution would be to just use DHCP on eth1 :)  You get an
> essentially static IP number anyway.

I'm up and running.  Thanks a bunch:)

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