[olug] cox at home setup

ktb xyf at peoplepc.com
Sat Aug 19 18:40:39 UTC 2000

The cox at home guy dropped the cable modem off this morning and I'm having
trouble connecting.  The documentation they gave me is for setting up under
windows with dhcp.  I'm using redhat 6.2.  Anyway I have a firewall with
eth0 to my local network and eth1 to the outside.  The hardware is working.
I've set eth1 with my static ip (xx.xxx.xxx.xxx) and a netmask of
the broadcast is set at

I went into netconf and selected "other routes to networks" and added  under "network" (that number wasn't given to me, I'm just
guessing from the gateway address)  Under "netmask"  I have
and the "gateway" is

I have the correct DNS server ip address added.  Anyone know what I'm doing
wrong here?  When I try to ping outside I get "Network is unreachable."  I
can ping my static IP successfully.

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